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What is a European Citizens‘ Initiative?  

A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a call to the European Commission from EU citizens to propose legal principles for all EU countries. 


When was Stop Extremism registered and for how long does the initiative run? 

Stop Extremism was registered by the European Commission on 12 June 2017 and runs for exactly one year. So we have until 12 June 2018 to collect altogether 1,000,000 signatures in at least 7 EU countries. So every voice counts! This is where you can support our fight against extremism.


What is required for the Citizens’ Initiative to be successful? 

For our initiative to be successful, we need 1,000,000 signatures from at least 7 member states. In each of these seven member states, there is a defined minimum number of supporters required. That’s a huge challenge for which we need all the support we can get. Here you can see how you too can support the fight against extremism


Who can support the Citizens’ Initiative?

All EU citizens (in other words, nationals of a member state) who have an active right to vote in the European Parliament elections can support our Citizens’ Initiative. The minimum age is 18 – except in Austria where the minimum age is 16. You can also sign our Citizens’ Initiative STOP EXTREMISM via the European Commission’s official online form.


Can anyone who has reached the minimum age support the ECI?

Any person from an EU country who is entitled to vote can sign. It does not matter who you are, how old you are or where you are from – if you can identify with the aims of our Citizens’ Initiative, we would be glad to receive your help. Learn what you can do against extremism in concrete terms here.


How can I support Stop Extremism?

There are several options to support Stop Extremism:

  1. By filling out the Statement of Support:
    If you are at least 18 years old (except for in Austria where the minimum age is 16), you can fill out your Statement of Support online by 12 June
  1. By a donation
  2. Become an activist yourself and support our campaign


Will my support for Stop Extremism be publicised?

No, no information on you as an individual will never be publicised. Except if you yourself want to set a visible example against extremism (e.g. by using the STOP EXTREMISM logo as a profile image on Facebook or similar). 


What happens to my data if I support Stop Extremism?

Your information may not be used for any other purpose. This is one of the most important rules for the organisers of a European Citizens’ Initiative. The persons affected have the right to access their personal information. The organisers are obliged to destroy all personal information one month after submission of their Initiative. The organisations do not see information from the official online Statements of support (LINK) at all. These are processed directly by the European Commission.


What is the aim of Stop Extremism?

The aim of this Citizens’ Initiative is to call on the European Commission to submit a Europe-wide bill with which the various negative consequences of extremism can be prevented. You can find more information here (LINK) 


Who finances Stop Extremism?

Stop Extremism is funded by donations from private individuals, companies and organizations. You can support Stop Extremism with a donation via the website


Who’s behind Stop Extremism?

The Citizens’ Initiative Stop Extremism was founded by Seyran Ates, Sebastian Reimer and Efgani Dönmez. Meanwhile, thousands of citizens who want to join the fight against extremism, in order to create a safe future for us, our children and grandchildren, are behind STOP EXTREMISM. You too can take stand behind our initiative: by your signature, your active help or your donation.


Is Stop Extremism close to a party or does a party have any influence on the Initiative?


No. STOP EXTREMISM is absolutely nonpartisan and does not stand in proximity to any political movement or party. The people that support STOP EXTREMISM come from different countries, have different backgrounds and are not dependent on any party. 


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