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Facts on extremism

In 2016 alone, 1002 people were arrested for terrorist offences across Europe. Most of these were Islamist motivated offenders. Terrorism caused 142 casualties and 379 injured, some severely, in Europe last year. 137 of the deaths were caused by jihadists. 

Extremism has many faces. In Europe, left-wing, right-wing or also Islamist extremism occur especially often. However, people with an extreme political and religious background have one thing in common: they reject our democracy and basic values. And they are prepared to pursue their goals, even with violence.  


Extremism cost 11 billion euros in 2015

However, extremism is not only a danger to our life. Extremist violence cost more than 11 billion euros worldwide in 2015 (Source: Global Terrorism Index). That is nearly eighty times the annual budget available to the European Union. Money with which poverty and hunger in the world could sustainably be fought against, that could be invested in social equalisation and better education.

Extremism is one problem which affects us all. We can only stop terror through a joint approach.


Hate on the web

Social media plays an important role today: Facebook, Twitter & Co. are used to spread extremist ideas further. On nearly all platforms, you can find inhuman, discriminating and racist content. The reason for this is also due to little readiness on the part of the social media to remove hate messages. Often, promised measures are only half-heartedly implemented.

Extremist content is, above all, aimed at impressionable young people. They use false, inhumane assertions and manipulate using images. They do this to achieve their objective: to fuel hate against specific groups of people and organisations and to call for violence against others and “non-believers”. 


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