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What we claim


Today in Europe terror and violence have become an everyday occurrence. We will not put up with it anymore. We have to preserve our freedom, our prosperity and our basic rights for us and our children. That is why the time has now come to defend these rights. Extreme religious and political views have no place in Europe.

In order to achieve this we need the courage and the will to take the right measures together. Also, against resistance from (mainly foreign) organisations, and individuals, who seek to promote and support terror and hate in Europe.

Let’s be strong and confront extremism and violence together!

We ask that European policy finally takes effective and collective measures to put a stop to extremism. Joint regulations across Europe are the only way to fight terror and violence. Therefore, we request a strong EU directive, obliging all member states to act jointly against extremist currents in Europe and, above all, against the financing of extremists from abroad.

This is our catalogue of measures. Use your voice and support the fight against extremism now!


Strong measures against extremism


  1. Clearly name extremism: Up to now, there has been no joint agreement on how extremism is defined in Europe. Only a clear joint definition will enable joint legal measures to be set in place and any loopholes to be closed.
  2. A warning list and cooperation of the authorities across Europe: Through cooperation of the authorities across Europe, it should be possible to exchange information on extremists. A Europe-wide warning list ensures unbroken monitoring of extremists in all European countries.
  3. Stop financing from abroad: Extremists who endanger our society cannot be financed from abroad. Inconceivable sums of money are flowing to Islamist organisations every year in Europe, especially from countries like Qatar and Turkey.
  4. Stop propaganda: Extremists infiltrate our society with propaganda in all areas of life. Let’s prevent extremist political and religious content from being spread in our schools, nurseries, through administrative bodies, in court, in hospitals and, above all, on social networks such as Facebook.
  5. Easy termination and claims for compensation: People who have been damaged by extremists should be able to claim compensation. For example, if women are denied education due to religious motives. Furthermore, extremism should also be a reason to be able to get out of (work) contracts in a quick and uncomplicated manner.
  6. An “extremism-free” cachet: By introducing a cachet across Europe, it should be easy to recognise organisations and companies that support our European values and basic rights.

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This is what our claims mean in detail:



  • Authorities should strengthen their cooperation between one another, and exchange information with each other. The authorities must network internationally, just as the extremist cells do, in order to successfully stand a chance of combatting them. An important measure is the running of a joint warning list across the EU in which people and organisations with an extremist background are listed.
    We need a clear and standard legal definition of extremism for measures like this. This should be based upon the fundamental principles of the European Union, such as freedom of opinion, religious freedom, as well as the dignity and equality of all people. Whoever contravenes this statutory framework will be publicised on the list. Inclusion is regulated via a legal procedure.

  • Demand for disclosure and transparency: Organisations suspected of extremism have to publicise all cash streams over 100,000 euros per year and disclose where the money comes from. This way, we can effectively stop the financing of extremism and terrorism from abroad.
    An extended obligation of disclosure has to apply for all information channels and media of these organisations. This includes printed information like newspapers, brochures and flyers, but also websites and social media pages on social networks like Facebook. Here, it should be clearly visible from whom the information stems and how it was financed. This is how we declare war on false information and extremist propaganda. Whoever defaults and does not work transparently can be included on the European warning list.

  • People who work for supporters of extremism should be able to give notice more quickly and easily in future, and thereby be better secured. Besides this, they should also have a right to damages. This rule is, of course, also valid the other way around: employers should be able to fire employees with an extremist background immediately and without any right to severance pay.

  • People who have suffered damages due to extremism should have the right to be compensated for the damage. The so-called reversal of burden of proof will make it easier for victims to assert their claims before court quickly and in a manner free of any complications. In addition to compensation for damages suffered through extremism, we demand high fines: either 20 million euros or ten times the amount first given to extremism.

  • A European cachet (e.g. for moderate, religious associations) should make it clear which companies and organisations reject extremism and have implemented measures to exclude any type of support for extremism. As well as the other way around: where this danger possibly lies.

We have fought for our basic rights throughout centuries – now we have to fight to keep them. Our proposal effectively contributes towards keeping extremism in Europe behind bars.

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