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  • Make funding extremism completely transparent
  • Protect children from radicalisation
  • Ensure all citizens can live freely

Six actions that we demand to secure a safer Europe

We demand from European politicians that the following effective action be taken against political and religious extremists:

To date, there is no shared agreement as to how extremism is defined. Only with a clear, joint definition can joint legal measures be implemented and loopholes closed. We need a clear, self-contained legal definition of extremism. This would be based on the fundamental rights of the European Union, such as freedom of conscience, freedom of opinion, and the dignity and equality of all people. Anyone who breaches this legal framework or supports such extremism would be published on the list. Inclusion on the list would be regulated by judicial oversight.
Public authorities must step up their efforts to work together and share information. Just as extremists form international networks, so must authorities follow suit to combat them effectively. One important measure would be the introduction of a joint, EU-wide watch-list to which individuals and organisations with an extremist background could be added.
We urge transparency of funding: organisations shown to support extremist activities must disclose all financial transactions of more than €100,000 per year and identify the source of these funds. This will effectively prevent the financing of extremism and terrorism across borders.
Aimed at combating misinformation and extremist propaganda, all organisations found to be breaking European laws concerning extremism and hate speech will have to undergo extensive disclosure obligations identifying the source of their information and how they are funded.

This would include all printed matter and posts on all their platforms including social media.
Individuals who suffer damages as a result of extremism should be entitled to compensation for the damage they suffer. Using a reverse burden of proof, it would become easier for victims to bring successful legal claims in a quick and straightforward manner. In addition to compensation for damages caused by extremism, we urge the introduction of higher fines: either 20 million euros or ten times the amount expended on supporting extremism.
A European certification that would apply to moderate, religious organisations for example, would make it possible to identify clearly which enterprises and organisations expressly reject extremism and have taken steps to exclude all forms of support for extremism. Conversely, it would also show where there is a risk of this danger existing.