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Stop Extremism - What we demand.

E xtremism is the threat of our time. To continue to live in a peaceful and economically successful common Europe, we must resist religious and political extremism with all our resolve! Stop Extremism is a European citizens' initiative that has led the European Commission to a comprehensive anti-extremism-

package of measures at the legal level which would allow an effective and joint action by all member states against extremist tendencies. Politicians must act!

The aim is to protect people and the economy in the European Union, and in particular, the European internal market. Because it is about our security!

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Our goal: to secure a million signatures against extremism, terror, hate, and violence. Join our movement!

Our Demands

Our measures in the fight against extremism: it is high time to act against terror at a European level, in a committed fashion while applying sustained pressure.


Extremism has many faces. Learn more about why it's so important for us to take action now!

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